“Give back your heart to itself,
to the stranger who has loved you
all your life, whom you ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.”
~ Derek Walcott “Love After Love”

When Embodied Presence Focusing is used habitually as an inner growth practice, we gradually develop a sense of self-acceptance and trust. With experience, we learn that there is nothing unacceptable about us. Through the practice of turning our kind hearts towards what we most fear, hate or dread and listen deeply to it, we experience a transformation. Our coiled up resistance to life is released and energizes us for new ventures.

I used to be so scared of flying that I would have wet stains under my arms for the duration of the flight. I’d constantly watch the stewardess’ face to see if she was as concerned as I was when the engines changed pitch. I loved traveling, yet in the airplane my whole body cringed with a sense of imminent disaster. Landing safely always brought a deep exhale of amazement that my life was pared once again. I decided I wanted to travel free of fear.

The Focusing process helped me find ways to soothe and console the scared little girl within. I sensed how listening to music gave her a smiling, warm feeling. I helped her find an embodied sense of our plane being held in the big hand of a loving presence, and how she could relax into this sense of being safely carried across the sky. When turbulence rattled the plane, I invited her to feel how the shaking sensation was just like being on a bus on the ground, going over a rocky road. Reading engaged her attention, and slow, deep breathing throughout the flight kept her body relaxed.

The once-dreaded plane flight has now become a place where l often enjoy an exhilarating sense of soaring in a “higher realm”. The little one in me trusts life more, and is eager to head out for another adventure…even when we can never know for sure what will happen next.