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The culture in which we live is saturated with survival-based thinking. We often believe that life is full of problems that need to be fixed in order for us to feel happy and safe. While parts of us may be suffering, there is also a place of Presence inside that feels whole and untouched by life’s struggles.

In our sessions together, using your body as a “sensing instrument”, I help you first anchor your body in the present moment. Once you have set up this embodied sense of Presence, you learn how to rest there, sinking down into a more subtle zone wisdom and insight. From this grounded space, you are also able to turn towards your sadness, anger, hurt, and confusion without becoming it. Your struggling parts are then able to reveal what causes their pain and what they need to feel better.

From this new perspective of embodied presence, you discern the rightness of your life choices. You sense within you what energizes and awakens life in you. You learn to not avoid or hold onto life. Instead, you experience the safety in letting life events flow through you, tending to your own unfolding in the process.

In your individual sessions, you will be offered contemplative exercises to practice between sessions. Deeper levels of transformation happen through experiential practice.

A client gives an example of how the Embodied Presence Process worked for him:

Peter had a difficult time growing up with a mother who suffered from schizophrenia and a father who left the family when Peter was nine years old. At school and in his family, Peter felt like odd man out and like he was sittting on top of a volcano of feelings that could erupt at any time. He was constantly anxious.

Fast forward to life in his forties. He has been through a number of successful life experiences that have corrected his former odd man out self-image. Yet the volcano-about-to-explode feeling in his body is still active. He came in for counseling to learn to relax more and to be more receptive to life’s positive experiences.

Here is Peter’s version of how the counseling helped him:

“My life has changed in countless ways. The most important way is that I can now take in all the goodness in my life. Before with so much anxiety, I couldn’t be still inside. I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Practicing the embodied exercises, I have grown calmer yet more present to others. I now see the grass, sky, flowers. I am grateful just to be alive.”

Cost:  $130 per 60-minute hour.  Click here for Payment options.

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