An Overview of Body-Centered Contemplative Therapy

I counsel individuals and couples using a body-centered, contemplative process. “Body-centered” means that not only do we talk about your life situation, but we also tune into the body’s experiential knowing or “felt sense” of a situation. As you refine the skill of listening to your body’s messages, you benefit from a global kind of knowing that includes rational, emotional, and spiritual wisdom.

“Contemplative” means that we pause often to reconnect with Embodied Presence, the sense of calm spaciousness and wholeness that underlies any internal struggle. You learn how to cultivate and abide in this ground of unitive intelligence as you engage in contemplative practices. The result of these practices is a growing sense of wholeness and trust.

We use the “contemplative pause” to contact and be with the struggling places inside. When we safely connect with something within us that is scared, hurt or angry, it releases its protective hold. We experience this as a shift in the body. Through this connection with all of our life experience, not exiling anything, we are healed and transformed.

Individual Counseling

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Couples Counseling

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