What is Focusing?

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of trying to “fix” problems in your life without getting the hoped for results. Like a kind person listening to a friend, Focusing teaches you experientially how to be with any suffering or hopeful place inside you. Rather than identifying with the feelings or thoughts that create an issue, you shift your attention into the grounded, non-reactive spaciousness of Presence. From this compassionate space, anything within that needs your kind attention is welcome. In even a short Focusing session, what has felt closed off and disconnected opens up and flows into new, life-enhancing possibilities.

I teach Focusing classes to the general population, and almost always use Focusing with my clients in a one-on-one session. Classical Focusing requires a number of hours of training and is usually done in a dyad, with a Focuser and a Companion. It is a body-based practice of pausing to sense into a felt experience for which you don’t yet have words. A “felt sense” is the portal into a global way of knowing which includes thought, feeling, sensation, images, gestures and even more. It is a process for accessing both a personal and universal intelligence.

In a contemplative practice, everything belongs–nothing is rejected or made into a “problem”. Instead, we look at our fears, sadness, anger and grief as a natural part of the human condition to which we bring a kind regard. Like all contemplative practices, designed to open up a larger, more peaceful inner space, Focusing helps transform the tightness of interior struggles into the expanded state of life-giving opportunities. When all parts are embraced and heard, they organically release their fear-based hold on you.

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