What is a Contemplative Practice?

Most of us think of ourselves as “me”, the one who is preoccupied with life’s trials and tribulations, fears and goals. The purpose of contemplation is to dis-identify with the busy thinking mind in order to access the all-inclusive wisdom that resides in the whole body.

In the quiet of contemplation, we practice welcoming and being present with whatever shows up inside us. Over time, we learn through experience that everything within us–transfomed by our loving presence–contributes to Life. There is nothing “bad” in us that needs to be gotten rid of. When the body is included in psychological and spiritual transformation work, the root of reactivity in the nervous system is soothed and even re-wired. As this happens, a new unitive zone of peace and wisdom evolves.

At its deeper levels, the worried mind transforms from a protective system into a life-enhancing one. The contemplative practices that I teach (see below) are psycho-spiritual tools that help you reside in grounded Presence even as you befriend the smaller, fear-based parts of your ego self.

The following practices complement each other with their potential to transform all areas of your life. Rather than through rational understanding, the habitual reactive patterns are transformed through embodied contemplative practice. The fruits of this practice are confirmed by the many positive shifts in your life.

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The Practice of PAUSING and GROUNDING:
Feet, Seat, Spine

Listening to your “thinking mind” alone takes you out of the present moment and dissociates you from the emotional, relational, and spiritual intelligence available with embodied attention…. Read more >

Embodied Presence Focusing

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of trying to “fix” problems in your life without getting the hoped for results. Like a kind person listening to a friend, Focusing teaches you experientially how to be with any suffering or hopeful place inside you….Read more > 

Embodied Meditation

This practice feels like a re-wiring of inner “circuitry” that has gotten thin or disconnected. Meditating in this way seems to transform my body into an “energy conductor”…Read more > 

Labyrinth Walking

A labyrinth has a single path in to the center and back out.  Like dropping down inside our body to contact the depths of our being, walking the spirals of the labyrinth creates a deepening sense of grounded presence…Read more >