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Hi, I’m Donna Varnau…I love helping you discover how your body is a source of:

*Reliable Inner Guidance

*Healing for your sorrows, hurts and fears

*Transformation of habitual anxiety into deep peace

I will show you how to tune into your body’s deep wisdom and global intelligence. I’m eager to share embodied healing tools and practices to cultivate Wholeness.

We are culturally trained to go up to our heads and often outside ourselves to figure things out. Yet what we most yearn for can be found inside us. For example, the tight knot in your belly might be “screaming” that something feels unsafe, even while your head is saying the exact opposite. Your belly knows a lot more than you think. Using the “felt sensing process”, your belly will reveal layer of fresh and new information to you, like the deep source of its fear and the tiny steps you can take to create safety for the scared one. Now you can step out of an old pattern that causes suffering so you can enjoy new options and opportunities.

Your body has the wonderful potential to become a trustworthy wisdom guide. The work of Embodied Presence Counseling reconnects you with the lost art of connecting with your whole body’s global intelligence. The inner landscape of the body is fascinating to explore. The potential of embodied wisdom has no bounds. I hope you’ll contact me if you’re interested in this kind of work!

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“Your guidance is always gentle and compassionate. Without your help, I could not have come this far. My life has been forever ruled by fear. I can finally see the lessening of that fear and a way to continue to gain strength and serenity.”
A client

“It has been difficult to let go of the way I think life should be because of my tendency to want to control everything. Yet I have had some miraculous results when I have followed what Spirit has so graciously shown me. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance.”
A student

“Your Embodied Presence Focusing class is showing me how to live with my eyes wide open! So much of my life has felt compartmentalized, but now you have given me the tools to practice living from Wholeness. Fully Embodied Presence feels like coming home inside myself, finding a place to live from, to dwell in.”
A student